Gargantuan Alligator Breaks Into Florida Air Force Base

[Facebook/Screenshot/Public — MacDill Air Force Base]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is so Florida…

A massive alligator broke into MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, finding itself on the runway where it had to be caught and released into a local river, according to officials.

This big boy was found Monday morning, located next to the landing gear of a KC-135 aerial aircraft that was being refueled, posted base officials on Facebook. (RELATED: Dinosau … I Mean … Massive 10-Foot Sturgeon Caught By Bad A** Anglers In Canada)

The base got in contact with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), who sent officers out to handle the situation. And like they always do, they scooped the gator up and then released it into the Hillsborough River, which is near the base.

Alligators tend to find themselves in odd places around this time of the year as they look for a mate, according to FWC officials per ABC News.


Every time I see a gator video (or one in real life), I can’t help but to be extremely proud that I’m from Florida, and this video is no exception.

If you’re from the Sunshine State and/or are aware of how things work in April, then this video won’t exactly be a shocker to you. My man was just looking for some sweet love, it just so happens that he wanted that love at an Air Force base — and right on the tarmac at that.

Just imagine being that gator. You’re on a runway, but all you can hear is this in your head — daydreaming about a lady gator.

And then you’re instantly thrown into a brawl with the FWC … the life of an alligator!