Wild Video Shows Alligator Chasing After Golfers In Florida

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Ah, Florida. The land of freedom, tropical vibes … and alligators who won’t hesitate to take a chomp out of you.

The Sunshine State has around 1.3 million alligators in total and, as you can probably guess, they’re found all over the state where water is present. And we also happen to have a lot of golf courses … that have said water. So you know what that means:

Golf courses + lakes and ponds = alligators

And that mathematical formula creates so many grade-A stories, like an angry alligator (who was near a pond) chasing after a couple of golfers in a golf cart. (RELATED: Instant Legend Of A Fisherman Reels In 560-Pound Great White Shark After ‘Over An Hour’ Battle With The Apex Predator)

Video shows an alligator walking towards a pond, WINK News chief meteorologist Matt Devitt posted on Instagram. While on the way, however, a golf cart with a pair of golfers in it was zooming by and, uh, well … alligator friend wasn’t playing that ish.

When the golfers passed by, the gator steamrolled at them in an apparent attempt to take a bite but, in quick awareness, the golf cart quickly swerved around the reptile to avoid what could have been a BAD situation. Afterwards, the alligator went back to minding his business and headed for the water.

So, yeah, luckily, we had a good ending — and some glorious popcorn content for you beautiful people out there.



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Only in Florida, baby! I love my state.