Brawl Breaks Out Between Security Guard For San Jose Mayor, Bystander During TV Interview


Mariane Angela Contributor
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A security guard for San Jose’s mayor clashed with a pedestrian Tuesday during a TV interview with a local news outlet.

A pedestrian clashed with a security guard for Democratic San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan. The incident occurred as Mahan, who was attending the opening of a new restaurant, was being interviewed by KRON4. The video captured the escalation of events and showed the moment when the pedestrian threw a right-handed punch at the head of a security officer from the San Jose Police Department.

Earlier in the footage, Wesley Pollard, 35, can be seen passing close to Mahan before stopping near the security officer, the New York Post reported. The situation heated up with a heated verbal exchange during which Mahan informed the pedestrian of his ongoing interview, the outlet reported.

“I’m talking on the phone, you got a problem?” Pollard said. “I’ll smack you right now. I will fucking smack you.”

The altercation escalated from verbal to physical, which led to a struggle that lasted a few minutes, KRON4 reported. Bystanders soon intervened and helped the mayor’s security team until the San Jose Police Department could detain the aggressive individual. The officer involved sustained injuries requiring hospitalization for head and neck pain; he was discharged Wednesday afternoon.

The assailant has been arrested and faces multiple charges, including felony battery on a police officer. Details about the motive and specifics of the incident are still under investigation by the SJPD, with plans to forward evidence to the district attorney’s office, according to KRON4. (RELATED: Wild Video Shows Police Officers Unloading Punches On Inmate During Texas Prison Brawl)

Following the incident, Mahan expressed his gratitude towards his security team and the San Jose Police Department.

“Mayor Matt Mahan is deeply grateful to his security detail and the entire San Jose Police Department. The actions of the Officer tonight were heroic and a testament to the deescalation training that makes our officers effective, compassionate and stewards of community trust. His thoughts are with the Officer and he hopes for a speedy recovery,” the mayor said in a statement sent to KRON4. The Mayor understands how privileged he is to have an armed officer protecting him at all times, and is resolved in his commitment to create a safer city for everyone.”