Police Seen Overwhelmed By Pro-Palestine Protesters At Emory University


Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Georgia police officials were seen being overwhelmed by pro-Palestine protesters Thursday at Emory University as demonstrations continue on campuses across the U.S.

A video posted to X on Thursday evening shows a chaotic scene between a handful of police officers and a mob of activists. While it is unclear where on the university’s campus the event occurred, roughly six Emory Police Department (EPD) officials could be seen blocking the doors of a building while being pushed by activists.

As the officers stood shoulder to shoulder, protesters used demonstration signs to press against the officials, attempting to shove them into the building wall behind them. The activists could be heard chanting in the background “EPD, KKK, IDF you’re all the same” and “no justice, no peace – fuck these racist ass police.” (RELATED: Chaos Erupts At Anti-Israel Protest On Georgia Campus)

One officer during the clip could be seen attempting to get the activists’ attention as they were shoving the large sign, yelling “stop” and “get back” at the group. However, as the officers could be seen at one point with their backs pressed against the wall, some people threw smaller signs at them.

The moment captured on camera was not the first for the school Thursday, as chaos erupted on campus earlier. In assistance to EPD officials, officers from the Atlanta Police Department were requested to provide support to ease tensions at the school. Officials and activists clashed though, with some school officials even arrested.

Both Chair of the Philosophy Department Noelle McAfee and economics professor Caroline Fohlin were arrested on camera. Notably a clip from Fohlin’s arrest shows the professor getting tackled down to the ground by officers after refusing to listen to authorities to get on the ground.

“Get on the fucking ground now! Get on the ground,” an officer could be heard yelling at the teacher.

Fohlin, however, could be seen refusing to listen to the officer showing the moment she was dragged to the ground so officials could properly arrest her with both hands behind her back.

“Oh my God, you people are fascists, you’re Hitler! Shame on you! May you never live another day,” one protester could be heard yelling at the officers while Fohlin could be heard stating she was a teacher at the school.

Reports indicated that officials allegedly used tear gas and tasers against protesters, with several placed under arrest, according to Fox 5.