Video Appears To Show Suspected Vandals Twerking On Cars, Allegedly Causing $25,000 In Damage To Local Business


Dana Abizaid Contributor
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A group of suspected twerking juvenile vandals allegedly caused $25,000 worth of damage to a small business’s fleet of cars in Glendora, California, FOX11 reported.

The vandals allegedly did their damage to a fleet of pink Volkswagen Bugs owned by the Pink Sponge cleaning service just after midnight on April 20, according to FOX11.

The video appeared to show one of the vandals twerking on the hood of a Volkswagen while another appeared to be using a smoke machine to spread smoke across the parking lot. The clip then cut to two girls and a boy standing near one of the cars while one of the girls appeared to lift an object, hesitated for a moment and launched it into the car’s back window. The three alleged vandals then casually walked over to assess the apparent damage. (RELATED: Vandal Damages Revolutionary War Hero’s Headstone)

Pink Sponge co-founder, Jennifer Ahlgrim, told FOX11 that the suspects allegedly broke car windows, taillights and headlights and scattered cleaning products all over the lot.

“Vacuums were everywhere. Products were kicked. It was completely devastating,” Ahlgrim told FOX 11.

The damage included 18 ruined cars, many of which the vandals allegedly carved gang signs into, FOX11 reported.

“We’re a small business, and we built everything from the ground up. To watch people just take all of that and destroy it. It’s been really sad,” Ahlgrim told FOX 11, adding that an insurance claim to cover repair costs was denied.

A GoFundMe page created to help Pink Sponge pay for the repairs has already generated $3,670 and police have told Ahlgrim that the suspected vandals were arrested, FOX11 reported.