CNN Data Analyst Delivers Bad News For Biden’s Reelection Campaign


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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CNN Data Analyst Harry Enten delivered some bad news for President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign regarding American voters’ approval of Biden on major issues compared to presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Enten explained that Biden’s “best issue” is abortion as the Democratic president trails Trump on major issues including the economy, immigration and foreign conflicts.

“If you are the Biden campaign looking at these numbers in important states for them on the map, Arizona and Nevada, what do you see?” CNN anchor John Berman asked.

“Yeah, you love the fact that abortion is in the news because would Biden or Trump do a better job? This is nationally, look at abortion. Biden leads on this measure by 14 points. It’s by far his best issue,” Enten replied.

Trump surged past Biden by 19 points on the economy, an issue the Democratic president has recently struggled to spin as the U.S. economy shows signs of stagflation. The White House and the Democrats abandoned their promotion of “Bidenomics,” the branding of Biden’s economic policies, in late March. (RELATED: ‘USA’ Chants Erupt As Trump Makes Campaign Stop With Union Workers)

Trump also defeated Biden by a margin of 14 points on immigration. The former president’s lead on the issue comes after he promised to begin “the largest deportation operation” following the murder of University of Georgia (UGA) student Laken Riley by an illegal migrant with an extensive criminal record.

“The economy, Trump leads. Immigration, Trump leads, foreign conflicts, Trump leads. And even on preserving democracy, which has obviously been a focal point of the Joe Biden campaign. He only leads on this issue by four points. So abortion being in the news is something that Joe Biden wants, because it’s the issue that he runs most ahead of Donald Trump on.”

Trump beat Biden by six points on foreign conflicts as violent anti-Israel protests have spiraled out of control at college campuses. Enten emphasized that the 2024 election currently revolves around the issues where Trump is dominating despite Biden’s 4-point lead on preserving democracy and 14-point lead on abortion.