Denver Encampment Migrants Resist Eviction, Submit List Of Demands To Mayor

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Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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A group of migrants has established an encampment near train tracks and under a bridge in Denver, and presented a list of 13 specific demands to city officials Tuesday before they will consider vacating the site, Fox News reported.

Denver Human Services officials, led by spokesperson Jon Ewing, are actively engaging with migrants, encouraging them to transition to more permanent shelters and emphasizing the city’s dedication to keeping families off the streets. The migrants have presented demands to Democratic Denver Mayor Mike Johnston before they vacate their encampments, according to Fox 31. Here are the migrants’ demands, as shared by Fox 31.

The city is also exploring ways to assist migrants in determining viable pathways to success that do not involve living in makeshift encampments. The encampment has been in place for several weeks, and the migrants are standing firm on their conditions, Fox 31 reported.

“We’ve been offering time and shelter, basically just trying to get families to leave that camp and come inside,” Ewing said. “Which comes with three square meals a day. You can cook your own if you like to.”

Migrants are demanding better food from the city, citing numerous grievances.

“There have been so many complaints about the food being spoiled or not being enough and malnutrition amongst children,” according to V Reeves, a migrant advocate, Fox 31 reported. “They’re not receiving any kind of official housing or immigration document support, which is incredibly necessary for them to be able to navigate the bureaucracy around these systems.” (RELATED: ‘No More Freeloading’: Colorado County Plans To Penalize Buses Carrying Illegal Immigrants)

Amidst broader tensions in Denver, Johnston faces criticism for proposing budget cuts, including reductions to the police force, to fund solutions for the city’s migrant crisis, according to Fox News. Denver’s approach to the migrant crisis and the ongoing encampment issue is evolving, with city officials ready to collaborate with the migrant community.