Live Streamers Allegedly Bust Prominent Hollywood Producer Herschel Alan Weingrod During Interaction With A Minor


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Live streamers Vitaly and Bradley Martin allegedly caught “Space Jam” and “Kindergarten Cop” producer, Herschel Alan Weingrod, on a date with a 15-year-old girl.

Their latest livestream to “Catching Predators” on Kick.com, appeared to show the American screenwriter and producer at a restaurant with a minor, and the questionable scene played out on camera. The footage appeared to show Weingrod and a young girl sitting at a table, talking and ordering food, then Vitaly and Martin stormed in and confronted him about what he was doing with her. Weingrod eventually admitted in the video that the girl confessed to being 15 years old during their conversation, and confessed that he had met her on a dating site.

Weingrod is a prominent figure in Hollywood, with credits on blockbuster hits such as “Trading Places” and “Twins.” Many of his productions involved interactions with children, such as “Space Jam” and “Kindergarten Cop,” which puts him under greater scrutiny.

The famous writer tried to talk his way out of the situation when he was approached.

“Why are you sitting with my fucking daughter?” the live streamers asked Weingrod. They proceeded to ask him if he was aware of her age.

“I have no idea,” he replied.

He was pressed further on what his intentions were and responded by saying, “I messed with her, she was 23… She was 23 on a dating site — yeah she was 23 on a dating site,” Weingrod said, as he attempted to leave the restaurant.

The men continued to storm the scene and surrounded Weingrod, then proceed to ask, “Lilah how old are you?” to which the young girl responded by saying, “Fifteen.”

Weingrod continued his attempts to deflect. “All we’ve done is talk,” he could be heard saying.

After being asked a number of times if he was aware that the girl he was sitting with was underage, he did admit to being aware that she was a minor.

“She did. She said she was 15,” Weingrod said.

The live streamer got up in his face and said, “Why are you here? Why are you sitting here? With a fucking 15 year old.”

Weingrod appeared to respond by saying, “That’s not against the law.  We’ve just been talking. Ya, we’ve been talking and flirting, it’s not a big deal.”

One of the other men began reviewing the texts Weingrod exchanged with the young girl by going through her phone, and made it clear that he allegedly saw inappropriate text exchanges.

The video showed the men following Weingrod out of the restaurant, as they heckled him. (RELATED: Dan Schneider Sues For Defamation Over His Depiction As A Child Abuser In Docuseries: REPORT)

“A pedophile trying to meet a 15-year-old,” they shouted. They launched powder cannons against his back as he apparently fled.

Weingrod has not issued a statement regarding the confrontation. The men in the video indicated they had phoned police and requested intervention, but it’s not yet clear if police have spoken with Weingrod about his alleged meet-up with the underage girl.

This story continues to develop.