‘What A Sh*t Show’: Comedian Roasts Biden Admin Staffer Sitting In The Audience


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Comedian Josh Ocean Thomas savagely mocked an audience member who admitted to working for the Biden administration during his stand-up segment.

The video clip is gaining traction online, as internet users flock to hear the brutal jabs. Thomas was on stage at The Laugh Factory when he abandoned his comedy skit in favor of responding to a political confession from the crowd. The fun began when Thomas asked an audience member where they work, to which he replied, “I work for the Biden administration.” Thomas immediately hit back by asking, “Is your job to… wake him up?” as he made a shaking motion with his hands.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey! There’s a war! Hey!” Thomas quipped, as he imitated the man attempting to get a rise from Biden.

Thomas went on to ask, “What do you do for the Biden administration? What a shitshow of a job you have,” he said.

The ruthless trolling continued.

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“I can’t believe you admitted that in front of all these people,” Thomas said to the audience member.

“You have the freedom to lie. You could have admitted you were a hooker and I would have been prouder of you,” he said.

Thomas kept jabbing at the man, stopping periodically to shake his head sarcastically while he laughed.

“Wow. Are you ready to be unemployed? What’s your vibe?” he said, as the audience responded with roaring laughter.

Fans immediately weighed in with support for Thomas’ impromptu Biden roast. (RELATED: Jerry Seinfeld Walks Back His Very Public Criticism Of Howard Stern)

“Thank you for laughing in his face for us,” one person wrote, while another said, “Thank you for ridiculing him. Bout time shit started to swing the other way.”