Mets Reliever Jake Diekman Goes Into Full Out Rage Mode With Dugout Cooler After Allowing Home Run Against Guardians

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Did you have to take it out on an innocent dugout cooler though?

Jake Diekman, a relief pitcher for the New York Mets, absolutely erupted Tuesday night in a game taking on the Cleveland Guardians after he allowed a home run — and yes, he took it out on an innocent dugout cooler. I thought the Mets were supposed to be “amazing”?

Huh … guess not. (RELATED: So Cool: Topps Made A Custom-Made Trading Card For Blue Jays Fan Who Got Their Face Smashed By A Bo Bichette Foul Ball)

During fifth inning action, Diekman gave up a two-run home run to Guardians first baseman David Fry, and not much longer afterwards, Diekman’s head absolutely erupted in the dugout. Against Fry, things are actually much worse than what’s on paper, because Diekman originally had the edge with Fry down 0-2 in the count. But it didn’t matter, Fry popped Diekman’s four-seam fastball for a homer to send the reliever into a straight up state of rage — while New York themselves entered into a 7-4 deficit.

Oh, and it gets even worse for Diekman: Fry’s home run, which went 334 feet, wouldn’t have made it as one in most Major League Baseball stadiums. Ouch.


To make this situation even funnier with the dysfunctional Mets, something similar happened just the other night with fellow relief pitcher Jorge Lopez.

As an Atlanta Braves x Miami Marlins fan, I can’t say much about our NL East rival Philadelphia Phillies … those boys are rolling right now in first place. But the Mets? Our other division rival?

LMAO … dysfunction as usual.