So Cool: Topps Made A Custom-Made Trading Card For Blue Jays Fan Who Got Their Face Smashed By A Bo Bichette Foul Ball

(Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Yeah, it took a baseball to the face, but it’s still cool to get your own trading card!

And that’s exactly what’s happening with a Toronto Blue Jays fan named Liz McGuire, you might remember the blog that I wrote about her recently. But if not, let me fill you in real quick. (RELATED: Blue Jays Fan Suffers Absolutely Nasty Facial Injuries After Getting Smashed By 110 MPH Bo Bichette Foul Ball)

McGuire was in attendance for Friday’s game between her Blue Jays and the Tampa Bay Rays (the Jays lost, 4-3, if you care). Following the contest, she took to Twitter and posted photos of her face being clobbered by a Bo Bichette (Toronto’s shortstop) foul ball, and as you’ll see, she was given a massive black eye and one hell of a goose egg on her forehead. The post ended up going viral, being viewed more than an incredible 14 million times.

As of right now, neither the Blue Jays or Major League Baseball have provided McGuire with a ball (which they really need to get on), but legendary trading card company Topps stepped up to the plate in flying colors — by creating her own baseball card, and 110 of them to be exact!

Round of applause to Topps for this one!