Arizona Woman Delivers Baby In Hospital Parking Lot After Being Sent Home

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Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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An Arizona woman delivered her baby in a minivan outside the hospital after nurses sent her home Monday, WSMV reported.

Scherazade Vedarte-Gonzalez gave birth to her daughter in a minivan right outside the emergency room of Banner Casa Grande Medical Center, according to WSMV. The incident occurred early Monday morning after the hospital had reportedly sent her home hours earlier, despite her severe pain and multiple visits to the medical center in the preceding week.

Lucy Villanueva, Vedarte-Gonzalez’s mother, played a crucial role in the delivery, having to deliver her granddaughter at the hospital’s entrance. They reportedly visited the hospital three times due to Vedarte-Gonzalez’s discomfort and concerns about her pregnancy, but each time they were reassured and sent home, Villanueva said, the outlet reported. On the morning of the birth, they were at the hospital and were told to leave around 1 a.m., with instructions to wait for a scheduled induction May 25.

However, the situation escalated quickly once they returned home, leading them to rush back to the hospital only two hours later, WSMV stated. The birth took place under urgent and unplanned circumstances just as they reached the hospital.

“She said, ‘Mom, it’s coming! We got to go!’” Villanueva said, WSMV reported. “‘It’s coming! I feel it. It’s already coming out,’ and I couldn’t believe it … when I opened the door, I saw the head already.” (RELATED: Baby In Critical Condition After Pregnant Woman Shot And Killed Sitting In Parked Car)

After delivering the baby, Villanueva sought immediate help from inside the hospital, and the medical staff then took over in the parking lot. Following the birth, Vedarte-Gonzalez and her newborn daughter, Luzbella, were admitted to the hospital, where they reportedly stayed for one night. A pediatrician assessed Luzbella and confirmed she was doing well, according to WSMV.