Multi-Millionaire Actress Cate Blanchett Blasted For Claiming She’s ‘Middle Class’

REUTERS/Yara Nardi

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous actress Cate Blanchett is facing backlash after stating she was a “middle-class” citizen during a press conference for her upcoming movie at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival.

Blanchett is worth an estimated $95 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, yet she didn’t hesitate to nonchalantly declare herself a middle-class citizen. The “Ocean’s 8” star made the comment while premiering her new movie “Rumours,” and confused fans by with her statement. “I’m white, I’m privileged, I’m middle class, and I think one can be accused of having a bit of a white savior complex,” Blanchett said, as she referenced her experience working with refugee filmmakers for her movie.

She went on to dig a deeper hole for herself by suggesting she had a renewed outlook on what the world is really like, after her experiences during the making of the film.

“But to be perfectly honest, my interaction with refugees in the field and also in resettled environments has totally changed my perspective on the world, and I’m utterly grateful for that,” she said.

Fans disagreed loudly by blowing up social media with comments about how they felt the famous actress was deeply disconnected from reality and out of touch with her actual status and wealth.

She was mocked relentlessly and bashed for her commentary.

Most fans had their hate on for the star, but a few rose to the surface to say she may have made a British reference about class, not wealth, noting that the upper-class citizens are deemed to be royals, by British standards. (RELATED:  Jelly Roll Reveals The Most Frivolous Thing He’s Done With His Riches, And It’s Really Not What You Think)

Blanchett has not come forward to clarify her comments and has not addressed the online trolls.