‘Tight TImeline’: Bodycam Video Shows Officer Rush To Burning Car To Help Rescue Survivor

(Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

Jeff Charles Contributor
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Newly-released bodycam footage obtained by NBC 6 shows a Florida police officer rushing to save people who were trapped in a burning vehicle after a collision Thursday.

Lauderhill Police Officer Jason Reyes arrived at the scene of crash Thursday night, NBC 6 reported. The video appears to show surveillance footage of one car attempting to turn, only to be crashed into by a second.

The video shows Reyes rush to the burning vehicle. Another individual at the scene can be seen trying to douse the flames using a fire extinguisher as the officer arrived.

“Anybody else in there? Is there anybody else inside?” the officer asked in the video.

“Walking up to it, you’re not knowing if anybody’s there to begin with … there’s a risk you might get burned in the mix, but you have to check to see if there’s somebody inside that car,” Reyes told NBC 6. “You kind of have to put yourself aside and, you know, act.”

The officer worked to put the flames out until firefighters arrived on the scene and assisted in rescuing the trapped driver by breaking the car’s window with his baton, according to the outlet. He recalled the the rescue.

“She was scrunched up almost underneath the steering wheel, so getting her out-I was very surprised when she was breathing,” Reyes told NBC 6. “There was a little bit of relief, and shortly after that, the car was engulfed. So it was a tight, tight timeline.” (RELATED: Video Shows Moment Officers Rescue Elderly Woman From Raging Flames)

One witness described the incident to the outlet, saying, “It sounded like a bomb, like boom! And then it blacked out the store lights, went out and everything.”

Four individuals were transported to the hospital, the outlet reported. The driver of the Chevy reportedly succumbed to his injuries, according to authorities. One of the remaining three has been discharged while the other two remain in stable condition, according to the outlet.

The Daily Caller reached out to the Lauderhill Police Department for comment but has not yet received a response.