Wild Video Shows Car Rollover On Busy Highway After Driver Allegedly Falls Asleep

Wikimedia Commons/Public/Corvair Owner, CC-SA 2.0

Dana Abizaid Contributor
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A wild video captured by a motorist’s dashcam Friday and shared with FOX2 Detroit shows the moment an SUV suddenly rolled over amidst heavy traffic on I-94 in Michigan.

The vehicle’s 26-year-old driver reportedly fell asleep around 6:30 a.m. Friday while driving in the right lane, according to police. The car subsequently veered off into the shoulder before careening and skidding across traffic, then rolling over and coming to a stop in front of another car, according to FOX2 Detroit.

The video starts with the dashcam driver going west on I-94 and underneath an overpass before moving into the far-left lane. Meanwhile, an SUV ahead in the right lane begins swerving erratically.

The SUV then veers up a grass embankment beyond the highway’s shoulder, swerves and skids in the grass, tips on its right wheels and flips all the way across the three-lane road. Luckily, before smashing into the jersey barrier and ending back upright directly in front of the dashcam motorist, the SUV narrowly missed striking the back of a pickup truck.

As a result of the crash, the passenger was ejected and the female driver was seen, apparently unconscious, hanging out of the driver’s side window, FOX2 Detroit reported. (RELATED: Shocking Video Shows SUV Crushing Passengers After It Rolls Over During ‘Street Takeover’)

Police said the passenger sustained minor injuries but the driver was seriously injured and taken to the hospital, according to FOX2 Detroit.

Authorities closed I-94 for several hours to clean up the accident but later reopened it, the outlet reported.

The motorist who sent the dashcam video to FOX2 Detroit requested not to be named.