Treacher’s dad: Why I like Sarah

Bob Medlock Contributor
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Author’s note: This Treacher guy asked me to write an op-ed for the Daily Caller. I was reluctant to step out of character, but being he is my son, I’ll give it a try.

Until just now, I knew I liked Sarah Palin but I hadn’t thought out my reasons. I just liked her. Now, challenged to explain why, I have to step back and look at where I’ve been and what has made me… me.

I remember voting for George McGovern in ’72. Looking back, I can see it was an emotional choice. He was an articulate spokesman for the liberal point of view, and I just knew Nixon was a creep. My next political recollection is voting for Reagan. That was far less emotional and far more intellectual. I had grown up and was much more aware of the real world. He said and did things that made sense. I had become a Reagan Democrat.

That worked out pretty well over the next few years. Then began a series of “lesser of two evils” choices. Bush I was no Reagan but better than the alternative. Bob Dole led to my first understanding of the term RINO. Then came more of the same. Bush II and, OMG, McCain. After Reagan, a series of pale disappointments.

There were some bright spots. Newt comes to mind. Pretty smart guy with strong leadership skills. A few skeletons in the personal closet, but overall a great ideas man. Electable? Probably not. Those skeletons.

Lindsey Graham? You’ve got to be kidding.

Mike Pence? Good ideas. Solid. Too stiff to be really popular. I’ll nominate Mike to replace Nancy next year.

Who else? I was very excited when Bobby Jindal popped up on the national radar. He was saying all the right things and appeared to be leading Louisiana out of decades of misguided politics. Then came the big national speech last year. I thought it was pretty good but the pundits panned him. After that Bobby seemed to turn his attentions home. That’s fine. He’s young, and ’16 will be here before you know it.

Then came Sarah. Wow, McCain finally did something smart. She was an unknown but hit the campaign like a hurricane of fresh air. She not only said the right things, but I could tell she believed those things. Now as then, she wants to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. She wants to expand drilling and all forms of energy. She wants a strong national defense. She wants to improve our current health care system, not socialize it. She wants to control illegal immigration. She is unashamedly and unconditionally pro-life. She wants to reduce government and taxes. She wants to reduce spending. She is not an East Coast-educated progressive. It doesn’t hurt that Sarah is attractive and presents a positive and cheerful attitude.

I get it now. I like Sarah Palin because she is me.

Bob Medlock is a retired industrial engineer and manufacturing trainer and the proud father of Daily Caller blogger Sean (Jim Treacher) Medlock.