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Just between you & knee

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Here it is, kids:

Looks okay today, but it was a little swollen last night. Probably because I started walking on it again this week.

Oh yeah, did you know about that? Totally walkin’ on both legs. Fully bipedal. Well, not fully. I’m putting half-weight on this leg, on doctor’s orders. Or as close as I can get to half-weight. Still experimenting with it. So I’m still on the crutches, but it’s easier to balance, takes some of the load off my back and shoulders, etc. And standing is definitely a lot easier. At first the leg felt really weird, like when you’ve slept on your arm and it’s all rubbery and wobbly and useless. But it seems to be getting better.

Did some new stuff in physical therapy. Even got on a treadmill. I stood with my right leg on the side and held onto the rails and “walked” with my left leg. If that sounds dumb, it looked even dumber.

So now it hurts more from day to day. But it’s a good kind of pain. A healing kind of pain. An “it ain’t gonna get better till it gets worse” kind of pain.

Until next week, knee-junkies. Don’t forget to check out my busted-up knee’s very own Facebook page. For a knee, it sure can be an ass.

Jim Treacher