Revealing Obama’s blueprint, and how to stop him

Ken Klukowski Contributor
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On Oct. 30, 2008, Barack Obama announced that upon winning the presidency, he would immediately begin, “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

And he is, executing a blueprint to remake this country, taking us from a free-market economy to a government-controlled economy, from a family-centered society to a government-centered society, and from a national philosophy founded upon the primacy of the individual to one founded upon the primacy of society’s “collective good.”

President Obama must be stopped. My coauthor Ken Blackwell and I show how to do it in “The Blueprint: Obama’s Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency,” our new No. 1 best-selling book.

With a new Supreme Court vacancy pending before the U.S. Senate, the timing could not be better for reasserting the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land.

President Obama’s problem is that the Constitution of the United States stands in his way. The Framers of the Constitution created this nation with the understanding that government was dangerous, and thus needed to be carefully controlled. They also understood that rights are not grants from government; they are gifts from God.

So our Founding Fathers erected the Constitution as a wall blocking the road to government expansion, designed to stop any president from fundamentally transforming this country. The Constitution delineates what issues are within the power of the federal government, and expressly reserves all other matters to the states or the people through the Tenth Amendment. Within the realm of federal power, the Constitution defines the role of each of the three branches of government—legislative, executive, and judicial—and strictly limits the powers of each.

In The Blueprint, we pull back the curtain and shine the light on President Obama’s game plan to subvert those constitutional safeguards.

Barack Obama is using a shadow government of czars to evade congressional oversight, using international law to get around American law, and taking over key industries to make tens of millions of people dependent on the government. To survive the inevitable political backlash, he’s politicizing the Justice Department and the Census Bureau to change how elections are conducted, altering the outcomes of those elections, and attempting to turn 12 million illegal immigrants into voting citizens beholden to him. He’s also working to marginalize and silence his critics to keep voters from considering the facts.

Key parts of the Obama agenda are unconstitutional. Supreme Court precedent makes clear why the federal government cannot require you to buy health insurance. The Constitution doesn’t allow the diversity czar to shut down talk radio, or the energy czar—who is an open socialist—to take over America’s energy companies. In the absence of legislation passed by Congress, the White House cannot force workers to join unions through card-check or force every business and household in America to be under a federal “carbon footprint” regulation scheme called cap-and-trade.

Even before Election Day even arrives, critical parts of Barack Obama’s blueprint can be stopped in court. That’s why out of all the parts of his blueprint, none is more important than remaking the Supreme Court into a rubber stamp to uphold his agenda.

President Obama seeks to stack the Supreme Court with judicial activists like Elena Kagan. These liberal judges will “reinterpret” the Constitution in light of the “evolving standards of decency in society.” Rights such as taxpayer-funded abortion and government-provided healthcare will be “found” in the Constitution even though the Constitution nowhere declares them. (Justice Thurgood Marshall, whom Kagan called her hero and for whom Kagan worked, believed in those “rights.”) At the same time, rights such the Second Amendment right to own a gun will be completely ignored.

The Constitution will be overhauled to transform America. The Constitution would then allow the federal government to lock up “dangerous” criminals indefinitely, as Team Obama argued at the Supreme Court on January 12. And rights such as free speech will be redefined, allowing the government to imprison people who speak out during elections, as the administration argued in Citizens United v. FEC.

President Obama is subverting the U.S. Constitution. He’s building an imperial presidency, seizing powers far beyond those granted to him by the Constitution.

The Constitution is on the side of the American people. It’s time to take America back.

Ken Klukowski is the coauthor of the new bestselling book “The Blueprint: Obama’s Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency,” available at bookstores everywhere.