The perfect summer storm

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Summer begins June 21; for our nation, the long hot summer has already begun.

The industrial accident in the Gulf of Mexico—being reported 24/7 by the media as an “environmental catastrophe,” as it may indeed turn out to be—has made it worse. Whether you watch the Weather Channel or the news channels, respective forecasts and commentaries alike seem designed to seed both the clouds and viewer perceptions. All of which affects political atmospherics and has contributed to the level of heat felt by Mr. Obama and others inside the White House.

The presidential game was not supposed to be like this.

Everything Barack Obama touched, said, did—or even tried to do—was supposed to be “perfect.”

That was the script; and, for some, will remain the progressive fiction purveyed as an article of faith.

Such fiction will persist despite reality, facts, and poll numbers that confirm citizens have stopped buying the Chicago packaged and published fairy tale distributed nationally. What was introduced and originally sold as biography—auto and otherwise—is now off even the N.Y. Times fiction list.

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Secular progressives may be shocked to learn that ‘Only God is Perfect.’

Baseball fans of all political stripes might wonder: Even during summer?

Yes, no man, woman, or president is—or ever will be—perfect in all aspects of life’s innings.

Philadelphia Phillies pitching ace Roy Halladay understands this reality despite achieving perfection over nine full baseball innings on May 29. Four days later, Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers performed the same; but, unfortunately, in his reality, veteran baseball umpire Jim Joyce did not. You likely already know those sports stories.

Mr. Obama, and erstwhile supporters, should accept reality and start behaving accordingly in all aspects of presidential innings during summer and all seasons.

* * * * *

In defense of Mr. Obama, the industrial accident in the Gulf was not his fault.

In spite of that, the president’s statement that he “takes responsibility” may be admirable—on the surface. That is, if all federal government actions are properly limited and in appropriate support of necessary state initiatives and BP responsibilities. If Mr. Obama does it only that way, maybe… a Roy Halladay?

However, if any federal actions overreach constitutional authority, or can be rightly viewed as indicative of nefarious intent, then citizens will, however reluctantly, conclude those federal government actions were planned and existed below the president’s surface-level “takes responsibility” statement.

And, pray tell, if that proves to be the case, then such federal government actions are yet another example of the Chicago school of political training in which, as Rham Emmanuel originally said in his own signal ‘surface statement,’ “…crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not do before.”

The opportunity afforded the incoming Obama administration 17 long months ago was to use a steady hand to weather the domestic economic storm. Instead, from the outset, the president seems to have always purposefully pursued what he always calls a “transformational” agenda that—simply and accurately stated—has been “takeover” at the core.

In the beginning, Chief of Staff-to-be Rahm Emanuel’s signal ‘surface statement’ energized Obama supporters. Perhaps, back then, only aggressive-progressives understood, knew, or could see beneath the water line what lie ahead?

In retrospect, when Mr. Emanuel made his infamous “crisis is opportunity” statement, he—and others—outlined the shape of things to come in the Obama ‘transformation’ iceberg.

Here’s a recap for you:

Emanuel declared the “U.S. largely squandered the opportunity the oil shocks of the 1970s presented to make serious, long-term changes in its energy habits.”

And, back then, analysts talked about pent up “yearning for government spending on infrastructure to stimulate economic activity” and that the incoming president should “push the kind of green projects” that are consistent with calls during the campaign for “a transition to alternative energy sources including new kinds of mass-transit systems” and “government investment” in all market arenas.

And, this gem: “of course, all of this would be easier to push through if it was called stimulus spending.”

And, finally, “with rising levels of unemployment” and stress among the masses “health care reform could be rammed through along with more regulatory…” oversight of financial markets and industries.

All of that is exactly what has happened.

What might be next on the horizon?

Answer: The Perfect Summer Storm!

That’s the way aggressive-progressives would view it. After all, the aggressive-progressive mindset self-justifies unilateral action for any and all purposes whether based on responsibilities real or assumed.

What is the Perfect Summer Storm?

The Feds begin using the oil spewing from the BP Deep Water well as part of their justification for taking over control of all private oil drilling operations.

When will the Perfect Summer Storm begin?

If you live on or near the Gulf Coast, go to the shoreline, pick up a seashell, cup it to your ear, listen very carefully. Beyond the sound of the surf… you just might here: “I take this action because it is my responsibility as….”

Richard Olivastro is president of Olivastro Communications, a professional member of the National Speakers Association, and founder of Citizens For Change ( He can be reached via email: ; telephone: 877.RichSpeaks.Checkout his blog: