Maes beats McInnis, to face Hickenlooper, Tancredo

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Poised for an improbable triumph, Republican Dan Maes took the stage just before midnight to declare victory over former Congressman Scott McInnis for the GOP gubernatorial nomination.

Maes — an unknown, underfinanced gubernatorial candidate who has never held public office — was ahead by more than 1 percentage point, leading McInnis 50.7 percent to 49.3 percent, with 93 percent of the vote counted.

“I am confident I am your Republican candidate for governor,” Maes told supporters at Lodo’s Bar & Grill in Denver. The Denver Post called the race for Maes shortly after midnight.

Earlier in the evening, McInnis had told his supporters to “go home, get some sleep and we’ll know results in the morning.” He made no further statements.

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