Sarah Palin calls for Congress to defund NPR over Juan Williams’ firing

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In the wake of National Public Radio firing Juan Williams for comments he made about Muslims on “The O’Reilly Factor,” Sarah Palin took to her Facebook page Thursday afternoon to call for NPR’s defunding.

“National Public Radio is a public institution that directly or indirectly exists because the taxpayers fund it,” she wrote. “And what do we, the taxpayers, get for this? We get to witness Juan Williams being fired from NPR for merely speaking frankly about the very real threat this country faces from radical Islam.”

Palin acknowledged Williams’ past criticism of her, but asserted her devotion to free speech and the need for open and honest debate.

“Are we not allowed to say that Muslim terrorists have killed thousands of Americans and continue to plot the deaths of thousands more? Are we not allowed to say that there are Muslim states that aid and abet these fanatics? Are we not allowed to even debate the role that radical Islam plays in inciting this violence?” she posted.

Palin went on to write that it is now up to Congress to take away NPR’s funding and for President Obama to take notice and speak out.

“President Obama should make clear his commitment to free and honest discussion of the jihadist threat in our public debates – and Congress should make clear that unless NPR provides that public service, not one more dime,” she wrote.