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The Liveblog to Restore Whatever

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I think I’m going to liveblog the Rally for Sane People Who Aren’t Crazy Because They Know Glenn Beck Is a Demon from Hell. I haven’t done a liveblog in a while, so why not?

As you read this, keep in mind that I’m just jealous of Jon Stewart and he totally pwned my boss and I probably wear a bow tie.

P.S. If you want to join me in my crisis counseling, click here. I’m just trying to pick up the pieces and figure out where to go from here.

P.P.S. I’m still trying to decompress. So what did we learn today from the Rally to Restore Sanity? Three main things:

  1. Stephen Colbert picked the wrong week to mock people who think Islamic terrorism is any sort of problem.
  2. The presence of Cat “Salman Rushdie should be killed” Stevens can only mean that nobody at The Daily Show has heard of Wikipedia.
  3. I’m a trouper.
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Jim Treacher