Loretta Sanchez’s Christmas card pays tribute to her dead cat

Jonathan Strong Contributor

Every year, Capitol Hill aides eagerly await Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez’s Christmas card, as it’s usually zany enough for a chuckle or two.

This year, Sanchez’s card pays a special tribute to Gretzky, her deceased cat.

“Holiday memories last forever,” the card says, “A TRIBUTE TO GRETZKY. 1991-2010.”

Sanchez’s cat died in November at age 19.

Gretzky was always a key part of the Sanchez’s Christmas cards past, and this year’s card offers recipients a chance to reminisce.

One past card pictured, for instance, features Sanchez and Gretzky sleeping together in Christmas-themed pajamas. “With Loretta in pink flannel and Gretzky in his cap, they’d just settled down for a long winter’s nap,” that card says.