Quayle defends Obama’s golf habit

Alex Brown Contributor
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Many on the right have scrutinized President Obama’s leisure activities in recent days, questioning his commitment to dealing with international crises while he spends time on the links or fills out an NCAA tournament bracket for ESPN.

Former Republican Vice President Dan Quayle defended Obama Wednesday, saying on the Fox Business Network that the president’s time on the golf course does not take away from his ability to lead.

“I’m glad he’s out playing golf. I happen to be a golfer,” Quayle said. “I think presidents deserve down time. And believe me, he is in constant communication with what’s going on.”

Faced with the argument that Obama’s golf habit sends a message of disconnect, Quayle responded, “I mean, what do you want him to do, stay in his house and be on the phone with the ambassador to Japan all the time?”

H/T: The Hill