Why So Serious?: The Best Government Shutdown Humor

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The impending government shutdown got you down? Well, don’t forget, as Rebecca Black says, it’s Friday! So instead of rolling into the weekend on pins and needles over what the shutdown may bring, we at The Daily Caller decided that laughter is the best medicine. So, to pick you up, we’re providing a media blitz of the web’s funniest takes on the screeching halt of our government. Happy Government Shutdown to you!

Stephen Colbert dubs this week Shutdownukkah:

Bill Maher compares the government to a fried chicken dinner:

Jon Stewart breaks down the “brawl about the Benjamins”:

Jay Leno shows what the people in the White House are doing instead of working on the budget:

A bizarre musical tribute to the government shutdown:


Comedienne Sara Benincasa highlights some fun side effects of a shutdown in her piece “How the Government Shutdown Will Affect You.”

Funny or Die maps out Speaker Boehner’s awesome plans for Congressional Spring Break 2011 in “Boehner Refers To Looming Government Shutdown As Spring Break 2011.” Road trip!!

A website called bankruptingamerica.com lists the “Friday Funnies: Top 10 Jokes About the Economy.”


Daryl Cagle’s Government Shutdown Cartoon Slideshow

A political cartoon from Bruce Plante of “The Tulsa World”

And, in the midst of this fray, there is one person whose opinion is crucial to this debate. Yes, you guessed it, it’s Xzibit, former rapper and host of “Pimp My Ride.”