Suspected wikileaker Bradley Manning to be moved to Fort Leavenworth

Chris Robertson Contributor
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Officials today have revealed that the alleged wiki-leaker Bradley Manning is being moved to the military prison at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.  Up to this point Manning was being held at the Quantico Marine base in northern Virginia.  A spokesman was quick to state that the move was not indicative of poor treatment at Quantico, but rather a matter of logistics.

Manning was being held Quantico specifically because of its proximity to Washington DC.  Pentagon officials had to clear him as stable and able to stand trial before he could be moved to a more long term holding facility.

Fort Leavenworth is a medium security military prison and spokesman Jeh Johnson told the Associated Press that the move is in Pfc. Manning’s best interest as it has a broader array of facilities including mental and physical healthcare.

Manning is being held as the suspected leaker of hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables still being released by Julian Assange’s website and organization WikiLeaks.