Chris Rock on Trump: ‘He’s got enough ex-wives to vote for him’

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Chris Rock joined a long list of comedians and other celebrities to lampoon the possible presidential candidacy of Donald Trump during a Friday appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show.

“He might win [if he runs for president]. He’s got enough ex-wives to vote for him,” Rock said of Trump.

Currently married to Melania Trump, The Donald is well known for his high profile divorces from Marla Maples and Czech model Ivana Trump.

Rock also poked fun of the Tea Party movement, likening Tea Partiers to children who become rambunctious and loud before bedtime.

“A child acts up the most before they go to sleep,” Rock said. “And when I see the Tea Party, these people marching and the president ain’t from America, and I can’t live in this country…I’m like, oh, they acting up! They’re getting ready to go to sleep…You literally think they are possessed by the devil. Then you turn your head for a second and they’re out cold.”

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