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TheDC Morning: Weiner keeps it brief

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1.) Weiner keeps it brief — It’s a sad day for hardcore lefties and lazy joke writers everywhere. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has finally submitted his letter of resignation, and his last day is today. Here’s what the letter said, according to Fox News: “I hereby resign as the member of the House of Representatives for New York’s ninth congressional district effective at midnight, Tuesday, June 21, 2011. It has been an honor to serve the people of Queens and Brooklyn.” Yes, it’s probably best to keep it short. Not that he has much of a choice. Fortunately, Weiner will still have access to the House floor and — good news, ladies — the gym! Now he just needs to retrieve his BlackBerry from where his wife crammed it.

2.) Former Hillary Clinton intern becomes porn star — Sometimes the headlines write themselves. TheDC’s Laura Donovan reports: “A girl’s gotta make an honest living. That’s what Sammie Spades, a former intern for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, did when she left her paralegal position for the adult film industry. Spades, who worked as a part-time intern for Clinton in the summer of 2006, told The Daily Caller that she abandoned her political aspirations upon finishing her tenure with the former first lady. ‘After my internship, I began a career in real estate law, as a paralegal and in mortgages,’ Spades told TheDC. ‘That industry obviously tanked and I was a broke 22-year-old homeowner in Vegas, so had to make a quick plan to keep my life going. I decided that using a different set of my assets would be a great way to fix my financial problems and get back into school.'” See what Ms. Spades did there? “Assets,” get it? Well, obviously it doesn’t take a village to raise a… Ahem. This development must be welcome news to Anthony Weiner as he contemplates a career change. Did we mention he still has access to the House gym? Quiet on the set!

3.) Jon Stewart complains about being edited — Today is Headlines Write Themselves Day, apparently. Jon Stewart claims he got a taste of his own medicine last weekend, and he doesn’t seem to like it. The Daily Mail writes: “Jon Stewart has reacted to his interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News to claim that he was unfairly edited to appear like ‘a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown’… Speaking on his own Comedy Central show on Monday evening, Stewart said that the show’s producers had tampered with the interview. He said that he came across as ’emotional and erratic’. ‘I suggest you look at the unedited version online where my emotional states don’t seem to change so arbitrarily,’ he said. ‘The arguments are a little clearer and a little less like a scene from woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown.'” Yeah, it’s no fun when someone interviews you and then uses cheap editing tricks to make you look bad. Is it, JON STEWART? One guy who’s probably sympathetic to Stewart’s complaints about being unfairly edited by an ideological opponent: Jonah Goldberg. BTW, Politifact claims that Stewart’s assertion about Fox News watchers being “the most consistently misinformed viewers” is false. Politifact vs. Jon Stewart… How are we supposed to choose which one not to believe?

4.) MoveOn.org doesn’t like Obama anymore because he’s not left-wing enough — Speaking of enlightened elites who can’t seem to hear what they sound like, Jon Stewart’s comrades at MoveOn.org are at it again. TheDC’s Matthew Boyle reports: “In a fundraising e-mail sent to supporters on Monday, the group hinted that Obama has abandoned it in political fights in Washington and across the country. ‘It’s pretty clear by now that we can’t wait for Barack Obama, or the Democrats, to save us,’ MoveOn.org said in the e-mail to supporters. ‘But the one thing that might turn things around is an honest-to-God mass movement—something on the scale of the civil rights movement or the antiwar movement—built around a vision of an economy that works for all of us, not just the top 2%.'” Do you think the big brains behind MoveOn ever regret giving their organization that name? But then, they’d have given up and gotten real jobs years ago if they’d called themselves LivingInThePast.net or NoSelfAwareness.org.

5.) Jon Huntsman is running for president, you guys — You might not have noticed, if it weren’t for the Democrats attacking him. TheDC’s Amanda Carey reports: “Tuesday sees Jon Huntsman’s first day as an official presidential candidate vying for the Republican nomination in 2012, but already, Democrats are on the offense against the former Utah governor and Obama-tapped ambassador to China. On Sunday, David Axelrod, strategist for Obama’s reelection campaign, said on CNN that he’s surprised Huntsman has jumped in the race. ‘It was a little surprising to me because when we were in Shanghai, we got a chance to talk and he was very effusive about what the president was doing,’ said Axelrod. ‘He [Huntsman] was a little quizzical about what was going on in his own party.'” Well, anybody who gets maligned by David Axelrod can’t be all bad. Get Rahm to throw in a jab or two and this Huntsman campaign could really take off.

6.) Today’s words of wisdom from Alec Baldwin’s Twitter feed — “Phone crashed. I just aged forty years”

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