Democrats launch massive ad campaign against Republican Medicare position

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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The Democrats’ “super” PAC launched a six-figure ad campaign Monday, just months after accepting sizable donations from wealthy liberals including that scorn of the right, George Soros.

The House Majority PAC’s radio ads will cover familiar ground for Democrats: attacking Republican congressmen for their votes in favor of Paul Ryan’s controversial budget plan that would significantly overhaul Medicare. The ads will also focus on Republicans’ personal spending and tax cuts for corporations.

The ads will target two Republicans in Arkansas, as well as Rep. Steve King in Iowa, New Hampshire’s Charlie Bass, and House members in Nevada, Illinois and Minnesota. The 30-second spot against Colorado’s Scott Tipton offers a glimpse of continued nationwide attacks on vulnerable GOP lawmakers, as Democrats hope to win back the House majority they lost in 2010.


This is the second round of attacks from the super PAC, which recently received some hefty backing from Soros and others during last month’s special election in New York. The billionaire liberal philanthropist gave the group $75,000, which contributed to the $800,000 the House Majority PAC raised in the two months before Democrat Kathy Hochul won the seat, according to Politico. Formed after the recent Citizens United Supreme Court decision, super PACs allow for the raising of unlimited funds.

Extensive as the liberal PAC’s financial prowess is, it pales in comparison to Karl Rove’s conservative American Crossroads, which launched its $5 million dollar campaign today. The conservative ads focus on Obama‘s biggest Achilles’ heel: his stay-the-course policies amidst a still-floundering economy.
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