Re: Christine O’Donnell, masturbation, CNN and crying ‘sexism’

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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The Daily Caller’s Alex Pappas talked to Christine O’Donnell this morning — just hours after she walked off the taping of Piers Morgan’s CNN show.

As Pappas reports:

O’Donnell suggested there is a double standard and that Morgan wouldn’t have posed the question to male political figures.

“If he was sitting there talking to Barack Obama or Joe Biden or any other male Senate candidates, talking about masturbation and all of this stuff, it would’ve been creepy,” said O’Donnell, who is doing media appearances to promote her new book, “Trouble Maker.”

A few obvious observations are in order …

1. This is merely the latest example of O’Donnell injecting gender into things. Why not just say Morgan’s line of questioning was inappropriate? — or why not question whether he would have asked a liberal the same question? Instead, O’Donnell argues that Morgan wouldn’t have brought up the topic to “male Senate candidates.” It’s always about playing the victim and crying sexism.

2. O’Donnell alleges that Morgan would have been more respectful if he were talking to President Obama. Perhaps he would have been. After all, Obama is the President of the United States of America, while O’Donnell is merely a failed senate candidate trying to sell a book.

3. O’Donnell is, in fact, correct in saying it would be creepy for Morgan to bring up the topic of masturbation to Obama or Biden. But this just might have something to do with the fact that — unlike Christine O’Donnell — Obama and Biden have never launched an anti-masturbation campaign.

Ironically, O’Donnell’s entire campaign for senate was essentially one big masturbatory act.