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See you in 2012!

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Well, that’s quite enough out of me for one year.

It’s been quite a 12-month period, huh? Around this time last year, I couldn’t even walk as well as Tiny Tim. Now I can walk every bit as well as Tiny Tim. It’s also the second anniversary of my kidnapping by an insane television personality, which to this day remains an unsolved mystery.

We’d better make 2012 count, you guys, especially if the Mayans were right and we all have just 364 days to live. That’ll kinda suck, but look on the bright side: It won’t matter who wins the election. And we won’t have to shop for presents.

Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Jocular Kwanzaa, a Festive Festivus, or perhaps some other holiday you’ve made up for yourself that nobody else knows about. That’s your business. It might seem like I’m judging you, but I’m probably not.

See you next year, LOL!