Newt’s weakest spot

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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If you want a border you don’t want Newt’s plan, and for the same reasons: Nobody in the debates ever hits Newt on his weakest immigration point: his “guest worker” plan, which would basically allow unlimited immigration. If you worry about illegal immigration because it drives down the wages of less-skilled Americans–assuming the Americans are lucky enough to get jobs at all–you have to oppose Gingrich’s plan, which is the same thing, except the workers are legalized, open-borders style, limited only by employer demand (i.e., not limited at all).  Oh, and they can’t become citizens, creating a formally two-tiered, Saudi-esque society. … P.S.: An attack on Gingrich over guest workers would not be just about immigration. The idea is an unexceptional example of Gingrich embracing a clever half-baked solution because it sounds fresh and fills a political need. It’s a character issue. …
Mickey Kaus