Hang on Mitt!

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Hang on Mitt! Obama “success story” GM’s market share set to plummet in February. … P.S.: Romney’s “let Detroit go bankrupt”  bailout defense points out that UAW wages and benefits, pre-bankruptcy, were out of line.  Why can’t he also, more profitably, go on offense by charging that because a) Obama didn’t ask for enough sacrifice from the union (something even “ethically challenged” auto semi-czar Steve Rattner admits)  and b) Obama didn’t sufficiently rip up the management culture at GM, a legendarily badly-run company, pre-bailout, c) GM may well not survive in the medium to long run. (Never mind the “moral hazard” precedent that’s been set for future corporate failures.)  … In a recent  Ricochet podcast, Jennifer Rubin suggests this wouldn’t be  boosterish enough. But “GM is back” isn’t really Romney’s campaign tune. It’s Obama’s. I’d think “GM’s stock price is in the basement for a reason” would be Romney’s counterpoint. …

Mickey Kaus