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Why is everybody beating up on Al Gore?

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As if poor Al didn’t have enough to handle with this whole Olbermann fiasco, now he has to deal with stuff like this:

Global warming ‘hiatus’ in recent years helps spur skepticism

For people who want more action on global warming, an inconvenient truth has arisen over the last decade: Annual average temperatures stayed relatively flat globally — and dropped in the United States and Oregon — despite mankind’s growing release of greenhouse gases…

Skeptics tend to focus on temperatures since 1998, a record hot year globally. The global average annual temperature has leveled since then. In the U.S., it has dropped at a rate of 0.85 degrees Fahrenheit a decade, according to the National Climatic Data Center. In Oregon, it has dropped 0.79 degrees a decade, thanks in part to a string of La Niñas, sparked by a relatively cold pool of water in the subtropical Pacific Ocean.

That’s a short time, but also a sharp contrast to warming predictions. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts warming of 2 degrees to 11 degrees in the 21st century, depending in part on how much fossil fuel the world burns. In Oregon, predictions range from 3 degrees to 10 degrees through 2100.

Don’t worry, doomsayers. We’re probably all gonna die of global warming real soon!

And who are the science-hating wingnuts who published the preceding science-hating nonsense because they hate science?

The Oregonian.

That’s gotta hurt, but at least they’re not resorting to physical violence. The same can’t be said for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Here’s a page from a recent issue of one of the approximately 487 monthly comic-book series starring the character:

Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web
Any size
Socks Al Gore between the eyes

Yes, that’s Spider-Man. I don’t know that the dopey armor is about. Maybe Marvel is worried that too many people will start reading his comics if he looks like he does in the upcoming movie. And I don’t know why he’s punching Al Gore, or if it even is Gore, as opposed to a robot lookalike or a shapeshifting alien or the Chameleon or whoever. All I know is that it makes me very happy.

Hey, maybe Spidey and Olby could team up to battle the evil Al Gore? Web-Head meets Blimp-Head! The Wall-Crawler and the Rubber-Room Ranger! Come on, Stan, let’s make this happen.

P.S. I just realized what I’m feeling right now: Inconvenienfreude.