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Secret Service uncovers suspicious package

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Not again! Oh wait, this time it has nothing to do with hookers. Matthew Boyle reports:

Secret Service agents shut down a protest outside the White House on Monday where about 30 young protesters demanded President Barack Obama fire Attorney General Eric Holder.

Agents on scene claimed a backpack abandoned on a sidewalk was a “suspicious package,” closing the Pennsylvania Avenue pedestrian mall in front of the White House, and the adjoining Lafayette Park, from protesters and tourists. All pedestrian traffic, including media, was forced to retreat to side streets.

Officers roped the streets off with bright yellow crime scene tape and brought in bomb-sniffing K-9 dogs.

Sounds really dangerous. What happened then?

After waiting on the sidewalk behind the police line for about half an hour, a middle-aged woman came forward to claim the backpack, telling agents that she had put her small bag on the ground so she could take a photograph with her family.


Kinda reminds me of the time when Occupy protested outside the White House, and it was dispersed when somebody threw a smoke bomb over the fence. Except this time the protesters didn’t do anything wrong, but these are just details.