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If Disaster Strikes, Will You Be Ready? American Handgunner Survive Special Edition Now Available

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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San Diego, Calif. — Your life can be changed forever in just seconds. A man breaks into your home in the middle of the night. A wildfire rages just a few blocks away. A powerful earthquake disrupts your route home. With just moments to make the biggest decisions of your life, will you be ready? The Fall/Winter 2012 American Handgunner Survive Special Edition will give you the tools necessary to prepare for the unexpected — to survive.

“Today’s economy and general feelings of unrest should be a flashing red alert to anyone to at least make some basic preparations in case things melt down,” advocates publisher Roy Huntington. “Don’t just talk about being prepared or put it off thinking that you can always do it later — let the Survive Special Edition be a key resource for you to build your preparedness plan. This issue should be bought, read and re-read to use as a reference point again and again.”

One key component to surviving an incoming disaster is preparation. In “Vehicle Prep,” contributing editor Tim Mulverhill provides tangible ways to keep your car running and what to include in a 72-hour bag. Mulverhill recommends getting acquainted with your car before disaster hits.

“Don’t wait until you are on the coastal evacuation route in front of the next Category 5 storm to try your hand at changing a flat or locating the jack,” warns Mulvervill. “These are all tasks you can accomplish in your driveway on a nice, no-pressure sunny day.”

What if disaster strikes during the workday? In “Urban Bug Out,” contributing editor R. Jacob Herman provides a methodical overview for those looking to prepare in case a disaster blocks the route home.

“Working in an urban area a long distance from home is not a death sentence,” clarifies Herman. “Think about what you will need to do. Make a plan and have a backup. Mindset will always trump gear.”

In the event of a disaster, a personal-defense battery serves a multitude of purposes. Contributing editor Mike Boyle examines must-haves for an effective defensive battery, focusing on the versatility of handguns. Boyle also contends that in the event of an emergency, access to a long gun is a must.

“I want our readers to prevail no matter what life throws at them. In my mind it doesn’t matter if you are a first responder or ‘normal’ citizen I want the good guys to have the skill set and preparation to survive,” said Sammy Reese, editor of FMG Publications’ Special Editions.

This American Handgunner Special Edition includes articles that cover survival knives, a doctor’s perspective on survival and medical gear, and how to survive a training class.

The 2013 Buyer’s Guide is also included in the Survive Special Edition. Featuring 96 pages devoted to handguns of all kinds, long guns, knives, lights and more, this Buyer’s Guide is a one-stop resource for real life preparedness.

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