Chris Matthews should be banned from ‘Morning Joe,’ ctd

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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My post from earlier this morning caught the attention of progressives on Twitter. (Note: Free speech would be violated if the government were to prohibit Chris Matthews from saying stupid things on TV; If “Morning Joe” does it, it’s an act of self preservation.)

On the other hand, I have gotten a few responses that, I think, hit the nail on the head.

For example, John Brisson from Glen Ellyn, IL emails this:

I was horrified this morning by the display by Matthews this morning.  He can’t seem to get the format of the show. He thinks he’s on Hardball when he’s not. People don’t come on the Morning Joe to be assaulted and yelled at. Even Mika and the others were horrified by Matthews’ behavior. You could see them cringe. And for the most part Priebus sat and listened.

… Personally, I think Morning Joe has suffered ever since the loss of Chris Licht, the former producer, back in May 2011. … The guests and commentators have been less evenly distributed across the political spectrum, and they have done a bad job of getting more thinking man’s conservatives on there.  Where is Ross Douthat or Conor Freidersdorf or some GOP governors making things happen in the real world?  Is Michael Steele, Steve Schmidt, Mark McKinnon and Dan Senor all the conservatives are allowed to have on anymore?

The show was a great show but I feel like it has been slipping away.  And the worst thing that could happen is for conservatives and the GOP to shun the show; but it would be hard to fault them given performances like today (and this has not been the only Matthews mess on Morning Joe  just the most recent).

I for one would like to know if Joe Scarborough sees what is happening as a longtime watcher like me sees it.  I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this way. I would hope he doesn’t dismiss my views as though I were some Bible-thumping Neanderthal (as most conservatives are portrayed these days on MSNBC).  I hope I don’t have to start looking for alternatives like Soledad’s new show.  I have turned the channel and watched a few times.

Keep it up at Daily Caller. You guys are adding to the conversation.

Hopefully the right people will read this email in the spirit it was intended, and treat this as a free focus group of sorts.

Matt K. Lewis