The Coming Immigration Infighting

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Frank Sharry vs. the High Tech Lobby: There’s a fight brewing between those who want to pursue immigration “reform” on a piecemeal basis–getting more visas for skilled tech workers in one bill, say, and more agricultural workers in another–and the advocates who want to hold all those popular little pieces hostage to the sort of blanket legalization embodied in the failed “comprehensive” bill of 2007. Here’s comprehensivist Frank Sharry in TNR taking a shot at the high tech lobby, which had the temerity to abandon the blanket approach when it concluded the 2007 bill would do it more harm than good. “[A]s someone who is supportive of the cause, I find myself feeling dissed,” Sharry says.

At least he didn’t call them racist. But you know that’s on  the way! …

Mickey Kaus