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Current TV runs out of juice

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Yesterday we learned that Keith Olbermann will host anything you want him to host. Anything. Just please, please, please put him in front of a camera, anywhere, anytime you want, he’ll do it, please, please.

But that was just the appetizer in the schadenfreude banquet. Now comes the main course. NY Post:

Gore’s struggling Current TV on the block

Current TV, the ratings-challenged cable network started by former Vice President Al Gore, has put itself up for sale, The Post has learned.

“Current has been approached many times by media companies interested in acquiring our company,” CEO Joel Hyatt told The Post. “This year alone, we have had three inquiries. As a consequence, we thought it might be useful to engage expertise to help us evaluate our strategic options.”

That’s CEO-speak for “Holy crap, somebody help me unload this lemon.”

The channel started out as youth-centric and user-generated before going heavier on news and documentaries. Its latest incarnation is as a left-leaning cable news network, à la MSNBC.

In January 2011, it hired former “Countdown” anchor Keith Olbermann, after MSNBC canceled his contract. Then in March, Current also cut Olbermann loose.

The network now airs such shows as “Joy Behar: Say Anything!” and “Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer.”

You know why you can “Say Anything”? Because when you say it on Current, you don’t have to worry about anybody finding out. And “Viewpoint” is more dignified than “Point and Laugh at Eliot Spitzer.”

Just the other day, Shikha Dalmia at Reason.com pointed out that Al Gore’s life has been in vain. Global warming (or climate change, or whatever they’re calling it this week) has fallen so out of favor that it wasn’t even mentioned during the debates. As Dalmia puts it:

Just what a waste Al Gore’s life has been. His career is dead. His marriage to Tipper is dead. His cause du juor is dead. The only thing he can hang on to….hmmm….can anyone think of anything?

Well, he’s still got his money. His precious, precious money. But that doesn’t make him greedy, of course, because he’s a Democrat.