The best colleges for ‘sugar babies’ and the sugar daddies who love them [SLIDESHOW]

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College tuition spiraled out of control a long time ago, and Americans are now saddled with more than $1 trillion in student loan debt. The average amount owed is an astounding $26,600. 

While Congress and college administrators dither, the solution to some is obvious: Find a sugar daddy. (RELATED: New college grads carrying skyrocketing student debt)

For students — especially women — of a certain moral caliber, the website offers to connect broke “sugar babies” with wealthy, older men.

The website keeps data on its “sugar babies” as well, and it has now helpfully divulged a top 20 list showing the colleges and universities where the most young women sign up to offer their services.

College girls are apparently highly prized as kept women. On the website, they receive triple the number of inquiries from would-be sugar daddies. As such, student who open accounts at with their college email addresses (.edu) receive premium membership upgrades and a “College Sugar Babies” certification.

“College sugar babies now make up 40 percent of our sugar baby population, up from 33 percent in 2010,” Brandon Wade, the website’s founder and CEO, explained.

“Most college women seek an allowance of around $3,000 a month,” added company spokesperson Jennifer Gwynn, according to the New York Daily News.

Stipends from benefactors vary depending on location, though.

“In New York, ‘sugar babies’ ask for more,” Gwynn told the Daily News. “Around $4,000.”

According to the most recent numbers, New York University led the way, with 185 newly-prospective paramours. The cost for tuition, fees, books and room and board at NYU runs nearly $61,000 per year.

The South is the region with the most schools on the list.

“The South was hit especially hard by foreclosures other economic difficulties,” Gwynn told the Daily News. “A lot of these girls thought there would be money for them to go to college from their parents. The economy changed that.”

According to Gwynn, the site’s “sugar babies” negotiate the terms of each relationship. Sometimes it’s just friendship, she swears, and other times it’s much more.

The top 20 list released by the website only includes female students at colleges and universities seeking sugar daddies.

The list released by also seems to contain some technical inaccuracies. For example, “University of Southern Florida” is seventh. There’s no such place. The school at issue is almost certainly the University of South Florida. Similarly, “Virginia Community College” probably refers to the Commonwealth’s 23 community colleges, and “Ivy Tech Community College” is actually a collection of 30 campuses in Indiana. “Kent University” in the 15th spot is probably Kent State.

The slideshow below presents 10 of the most notable schools on the list.

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