Watch the Grizzlies suck at layups [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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Last night’s Memphis-San Antonio game was a close overtime win for the veteran Spurs.

They had a big lead thanks, in large part, to Memphis’ inclination to miss tons of shots.

Once Memphis started making shots and forcing stops, they were able to make the game respectable, close the gap, force overtime, and lose with more dignity than they showed early on.

Their first half was abysmal. They shot 26 percent and scored a measly 31 points.

The 26 percent was in large part due to one hilariously inept sequence in which the Grizzlies missed seven layups in a single possession and ended up shoving Spurs forward Tim Duncan out of frustration.

The possession is something out of a blooper reel yet somehow happened in the NBA’s Western Conference Finals.


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