Alleged drunken driver beaten for crashing a party [VIDEO]

Caitlin McClure Contributor
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An alleged drunk driver crashed his car into the middle of a family barbecue Sunday night in Spanaway, Washington and was beaten unconscious by partygoers. It is safe to say residents were not happy about the arrival of the uninvited guest and decided to take punishment into their own hands.

County police reported the car collided with the front porch of the home around 11 p.m.

“Some of the partygoers, who had also been drinking, promptly got down, took the driver out of the car, assaulted him and gave him a pretty good beating,” sheriff spokesman Det. Ed Troyer said.

Neighbors heard the confrontation unfold and eventually got involved.

“I hear: ‘Drag him out of the car. Lets kill this mother fucker,’” Rob Davidson said. “They have the guy out of the car and they’re kicking him while he’s on the ground.”

Davidson, a combat veteran who served in Afghanistan, eventually stepped in to protect the driver. “I put myself in the way, wanting them to focus more of their attention on me than on the man so they didn’t kill him,” he said.

When deputies arrived, partygoers refused to comply. “We arrived and almost had a mini-riot, and had to pepper spray to clear the crowd,” Troyer said.

“The partygoers that were drinking should have called the police and stayed out of it instead of involving themselves. And now they’ve got a couple of their own people arrested for assault.”

The driver was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital for treatment and will be arrested for DUI, according to police.

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