Did this Texans fan take his Schaub hatred too far? [PIC]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub is having a rough season. The team is currently 2-4, which many fans are blaming Schaub for. After losing to the Seattle Seahawks, fans burned his jersey in the parking lot.

During last Sunday’s game against the St. Louis Rams, fans cheered after Schaub got an ankle injury and left the field. The fervor to replace him with T.J. Yates as starting QB is growing louder and louder.

The Fox Sports:NFL Twitter account snapped a picture of one particularly passionate fan’s airing of grievances with Schaub. Maybe they were just getting into the Halloween spirit, but regardless of motivation, the message of having a fake Schaub body hanging out of your trunk seems pretty clear.

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