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A few favorites from today…

What’s blocking Bezos’ drone dream? Politico Pro reporters Kevin Robillard and Alex Byers tackle the impediments to WaPo owner Jeff Bezos turning drones into flying robots. In an obvious yet somehow still funny metaphor, they write, “But a series of obstacles could ground Bezos’s drone dreams.” While Bezos’ dream to get items as light as toilet paper delivered to homes in less than 30 minutes, the piece explains why the FAA may not ultimately allow it and why the idea could wind up being a logistical nightmare. Read here.

Sandwich Monday from NPR’s the salt blog: Love NPR’s the salt blog, mostly because they look like they have so much fun doing their day job and no a$$#@!@ bosses yelling at them about anything. Today they sample Burger King’s imitation McDonald’s Big Mac. It’s called the Big King. See here.

Esquire’s Charles Pierce is my new hero. Today Pierce pokes fun at National Journal‘s serial tweeter and sometimes national correspondent Ron Fournier for writing that “While time is precious, Obama can still recover from this lowest point in his presidency, but only if he changes himself along with his staff.” My favorite line: “I think Fournier, who’s been a tool so long they ought to sell him at Home Depot, is just trying to get a jump on things here.” And this: “Also, too, if anyone knows from fawning, it’s Ron Fournier. He should be called Ron FAWNier! Brilliant!” Read here.