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Ezra Klein is leaving WaPo: an update!

“Just arrived in inbox: We regret to announce that Ezra Klein, Melissa Bell and Dylan Matthews are leaving The Post for a new venture….” — Lori Montgomery, fiscal policy reporter for The Washington Post.



“Great for good-guy @davecatanese. Got a raw deal @politico.” — former Politico Pro reporter Steve Friess on ex-Politico’s Dave Cantanese, whose blog, The Run 2016, just got purchased by U.S. News & World Report for six figures. Inquiring minds want to know…What kind of raw deal? 

Media advice for CNN 

“MSNBC wall-to-wall Christie & Fox now getting obsessed w/Cuomo. 48 govs in every other part of the country wide open for CNN.” — Politico senior White House reporter Edward Isaac-Dovere.


“Only include @jpodhoretz in the dialogue if the subject is ‘John Podhoretz is a piss-stained clown prince racist piece of shit.'” — Washington Monthly contributor Sam Knight. John Podhoretz writes for Commentary.

7c227fa02d15e80fcb2c69266f04e785Lydia the pill 

“Fuck. this. shit.” — Washington Post’s perpetually whining Wonkblog reporter Lydia DePillis, with a link to her own paper’s special weather feature.

Politico reporter to snow fearers: ‘Suck it up’ 

“Call me a snow storm denier but c’mon…every time it snows here its gone 2 hours later. Suck it up.” — Politico tax reporter Kelsey Snell.

Blogger life wisdom

“I suppose it’s a measure of my success that there are people who are much, much more interested in me than I am in them. Tee-hee!” — The Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher.

White House Soup of the Day…“Chicken Noodle, a perfect soup for a day like today.” — MSNBC’s Chuck Todd on “The Daily Rundown.”

What’s a little murder between reporters? 

“Me and @clintonyates bout to rush the stage at Howard theater and murder two hipsters.” — BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton. Clinton Yates is a columnist at The Washington Post.


CHILL WITH BILL: “Another tough night for Bill – lying in front of fireplace.” — FNC’s Greta Van Susteren.