COMPARE! Press questions to Issa and Cummings, side-by-side [VIDEO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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After Lois Lerner invoked the Fifth at Wednesday’s oversight committee, Chairman Issa adjourned the committee and did not give the floor to Rep. Cummings. While completely above board in line with the rules, it seems a lot of the press did not feel that way.

After Issa and Cummings left the hearing room, they held short press gaggles. Among the questions for Issa were, “Why did you not let Mr. Cummings continue his questions?” and “Mr. Chairman, how much of this is a political play for the Republicans in the election?”

Rep. Cummings received a softer end of the stick, being asked, “Congressman, do you feel personally disrespected by Chairman Issa?” and “The chairman said this was a bipartisan committee. Do you consider this hearing to be bipartisan?”

Here are all of the questions asked of the two politicians after the hearing.

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