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The night I fed Donald Trump’s monster-sized ego

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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I honestly didn’t know it would be that easy.

But last night I fed perennial presidential aspirant Donald Trump‘s monster-sized ego and I feel zero shame about it.

My purpose was two-fold. To see how others would react – would they believe I was serious? But primarily, what I really wanted was to see was if the tornado-coiffed blonde would retweet me. Most importantly, how long would it take him to do it?

The answer to the latter: 102 minutes or 1 hour and 42 minutes.

Felt like a little too long if I’m going to be honest. After the 30-minute mark, my hopes plunged. I’d given up all hope and really didn’t think it would happen.

I sent my suck up tweet at 7:25 p.m. At 9:09 p.m., the ego kicked in. Although, to be fair, the ego had kicked in hours before with a rash of similar suggestions telling Trump he has to run for president in 2016.


As soon as I got it, my spirits soared. “VICTORY!” I tweeted to my followers and naysayers alike. And then something else happened. Adrenaline ran through my veins, and I got this weird instant reaction of: SO WHO ELSE CAN I PRANK? Gwyneth Paltrow consciously came to mind.

Robbie Sherwood, executive director of Progress Now out in Arizona, tried to call me out. “She’s using you for retweets you goofy old fool.” I replied, earnestly, “Stop calling my future President a goofy old fool.”

And one of my devoted followers got upset. “I’m embarrassed for you right now, Betsy,” he wrote. “My God.” I said I can have feelings and hopes for my country. He snapped, “Not if your opinions suck that egregiously.” After I got the blessed retweet, he wrote,  “Oh, I saw. I retweeted it to expose your shameless pandering.”

T. Beckett Adams, business writer for The Blaze, was also disturbed. “I’m judging you so hard right now. I’m laughing through my tears. You are the worst person right now. Betsy is selling her soul for an RT from Donald Trump.” And this: “Feeding the terribly coiffed fool’s monster ego.”

Finding Mr. Righteous author Lisa De Pasquale called me out pretty quickly, asking, “Fishing for a RT?” I quickly replied, “Shhhhh.”

Reactions to my Trump prank tweet and his response ranged from comical to absurd and serious:

“Public masturbation”


“Yes! Save the USA from the vested interests of out of touch Plutocrats!”

“U blinded suck ups are nuts! What does the country need 2B saved from! & what is numbnuts Trump gonna do.”

“How about ‘badger pelt wearing, insecure, moronic, bloviating ass monkey.. better?”

“The most ridiculous statement ever.”

“Hopefully she at least gets a bison burger out of it.”

“Sweet baby Jesus, I needed that belly laugh! Thanks!”

“Acking ack ack ack ack Prackackack. Ack ack ack acks ackack. Ack ack ack ack ack ack ack. ACK!”

“Each individual doing their best saves country not a Trump branded Ego Machine. Be a Gov.,prove yourself.”

“If TRUMP became president he would do an AMAZING job; if Obama took over Celebrity Apprentice, he’d fail.”