Dog And Disabled Kitten Are Best Friends [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Max, this over-protective cattle dog, never lets his best friend Ralphee, a kitten with feline cerebellar hypoplasia, out of his sight.

Ralphee, whose “wobbly cat” disease affects his motor skills and impairs his ability to walk in a straight line or keep his head still, lives on a farm in Australia and instantly became best friends with Max when he was rescued and brought to the farm.

Max immediately took a shine to Ralphee and the two are basically inseparable. And it is ADORABLE.

(The video might make you feel a little sad inside at first because it is distressing to see a tiny little animal not able to keep his head still. But not to worry! Apparently, little Ralphee isn’t even aware that he has this disease and it is not painful for him at all. He thinks he’s just your average, everyday kitten.)


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