Iran Goes Nuclear On ‘Zionist’ Facebook Founder

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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A court in Iran has opened a case against Instagram and WhatsApp over unspecified breaches of privacy, and ordered “Zionist” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to appear for questioning.

The case was born out of multiple complaints from citizens about both apps, though none of those complaints have reportedly been specified. As the founder of Facebook, which has acquired both applications, Zuckerberg has been ordered to appear before the court in defense of the apps against the claimants and pay potential damages, depending on how the court rules.

“According to the court’s ruling, the Zionist director of the company of Facebook, or his official attorney must appear in court to defend himself and pay for possible losses,” Iranian Internet official Ruhollah Momen-Nasab said while referring to Zuckerberg’s Jewish background, according to Iranian state news agency ISNA.

The case against Facebook marks the latest example of the ongoing fight against censorship and for Internet freedom in Iran, where President Hassan Rouhani has expressed support for expanding access to the Web, despite Iranian courts’ historical preference for strict regulation.

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