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Editor happy to be alive after bike ride to work

“Rode bike to work, managed not to get run down by any @washingtonpost readers. Now if someone could do something about the rain.” — Washington City Paper Editor Mike Madden. He’s referencing a recent column by WaPo‘s Courtland Milloy that refers to D.C. bicyclists as “nasty.”


“I can’t remember my life before @nars_cosmetics blush in ‘orgasm'” — BuzzFeed‘s Tracy Clayton (a.k.a. Brokey McPoverty).

An oddity about TV reporting

“The # of emails I get from people who feel obliged to tell me that they ‘don’t own a TV’ is odd. You own a computer, people. Don’t front.” — Emily Nussbaum, TV critic for The New Yorker.

What retweeting really means – once and for all 

“I can’t understand how any journalistic org can think of RTs as endorsements. RTs are broadcasting other tweets; that’s called reporting. If an RT is an endorsement then so is quoting someone.” — NYT‘s Farhad Manjoo.


“Obama should give his statement on time so I can go to dinner.” — HuffPost‘s Elise Foley.

Journo dresses down a U.S. senator

“Note to Mark Udall: There is really no upside to skipping a presidential speech. People notice.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel to Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.).  Weigel links to this story in The Colorado Observer about Udall not showing up to a speech President Obama gave in Denver’s Cheesman Park Wednesday. Udall, who was spotted outside the Capitol Wednesday, said in the story that he didn’t attend because of a busy legislative schedule.


Convo between a former Obama speechwriter and a reporter 

Jon Favreau: Would anyone here be interested in some jokes about the lopsided score of a major sporting event, tinged with witty cultural references?

Mark Leibovich: Oh, I get it, you’re like so jaded, knowing and above-it-all now, huh? (I called. I want my pose back)

Jon Favreau: No Mark, I was genuinely curious. Cynic.

Journalist to give press conference? 

“Why yes we are doing the press conference tomorrow in DC. Details and location coming soon. #mssen” — Charles C. Johnson, freelancer and redhead extraordinaire. Apparently no credentials are required. 

Modern journalism…

“iPhone autocorrect. Interview = ogre review” — The Sunday Times of London‘s Toby Harnden.

Packed Metros will soon be fixed (yeah, right) 

“Does it seem like every time you take Metro the cars are stuffed to capacity? Metro says the issue will soon be fixed.” — NBC Washington.